Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mix-Tape Recovery & Give-Away Project #3

The 3rd installment of the MTR&GAP is "The (Sort of) Countryish Mix." It's got all your favorites, & some of your not favorites, recorded over your former favorites Saigon Kick & their rockin' cassette Water. Clicky-clicky for Terms & Conditions. Below is the killer-sweet original cassette artwork & track-listings. Enjoy:

Side 3.A:
"Wild Mountain Nation," Blitzen Trapper
"You're the One," The Black Keys
"Effect & Cause," The White Stripes
"Drivin' on 9," The Breeders
"Gone for Good," The Shins
"Jordanna," Ola Podrida
"Peaceful Valley," Ryan Adams
"Train Song," Phish

Side 3.B:
"Tornado," The Black Crowes
"Old September Blues," My Morning Jacket
"One Arm Around the Sinner," Castanets
"For the Turnstiles," Neil Young
"Another Travelin' Song," Bright Eyes
"The General Specific," Band of Horses
"She," Gram Parsons
"Let's Not & Say We Did," Silver Jews