Monday, November 5, 2007

Figure with Meat (1954)

From Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation: "The head is deboned rather than bony, yet it is not a death mask, it is a block of firm flesh that has been separated from the bone...the relationship between the head & meat runs through a scale of intensity that renders it increasingly is important to understand the affinity of the mouth, & the interior of the of mouth, with meat, & to reach the point where the open mouth becomes nothing more than the section of a severed artery, or even a jacket sleeve that is equivalent to an artery...The mouth then acquires this power of nonlocalization that turns all meat into a head without face. It is no longer a particular organ, but the hole through which the entire body escapes, & from which the flesh descends" (Deleuze 23-4). Click image for bigness.

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Jan said...

Certainly one of my favorite works by Bacon. I remember seeing this for the first time and thinking, 'Holy shit, this guy is f**kin' bonzo!'