Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mix Tape Recovery & Give-Away Project #2

The second installment of the MTRGAP is now complete. #2 contains slow jams, all of which feature the Hammond B3. Personally, I am of the opinion that this would be a great listen on a windy in which you do not want to go outside or turn the light(s) on in your house (apartment). To add to the ambiance, the tape has some wicked warble to it...almost as if your tape deck will shut down at any minute. The effect adds to the flavor. Terms & conditions can be found here. Cover art (click image for bigness) & track-listings are below:

2.A: Organ Music 1
"Protection," Liars
"My Body is a Cage," Arcade Fire
"Love Sick," Bob Dylan
"It's a Wonderful Life," Sparklehorse
"Parachutes," Pearl Jam (cut)

2.B: Organ Music 2
"Loser," Jerry Garcia
"Into the Woods," My Morning Jacket
"Opus 40," Mercury Rev
"She's a Jar," Wilco

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