Thursday, October 25, 2007

Because why not?

Performing this poem (lactic acid version, not 70-yr version) in front of 10 people was interesting to say the least. Legs began to shake around page 6, earlier than expected (I ran 3 miles before the reading, so I'm sure added to the affect). Surprised to find that I lost my breath around the same time, which had not happened in practice. Perhaps I read faster than usual. Most likely nerves. Not normally a sympathetic crowd. But, they were more generous today. Physical suffering tends to do that. Legs almost gave out around page 10. 11 & 12 were struggles & reading lines became extremely difficult. The resultant burn felt good in a way. Completely exhausted by the end. Doing this in public is much different from doing this in front of Pebbles. Great time. Good times. Clicky clicky for bigness (poem not pictured, just Directions).

"All multiplicities are flat, in the sense that they fill or occupy all of their dimensions: we will therefore speak of a plane of consistency of multiplicities, even though the dimensions of this 'plane' increase with the number of connections that are made on it. Multiplicities are defined by the outside: by the abstract line, the line of flight or deterritorialization according to which they change in nature and connect with other multiplicities. The plane of consistency (grid) is the outside of all multiplicities. The line of flight marks: the reality of a finite number of dimensions that the multiplicity effectively fills; the impossibility of a supplementary dimension, unless the multiplicity is transformed by the lines of flight; the possiblity and necessity of flattening all of the multiplicities on a single plane of consistency or exteriority, regardless of their number of dimensions. The ideal for a book would be to lay everything out on a plane of exteriority of this kind, on a single page, the same sheet: lived events, historical determinations, concepts, individuals, groups, social formations." (Deleuze & Guattari 9)

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