Friday, September 5, 2008

A Sad Day for Music Lover's

In December of 1991, my parents gave me the Panasonic Portable Stereo Component CD System (RX-DT675) for an Xmas gift. The system itself has wicked, with a mutli-band radio, dual cassette deck, & a compact disc player. Truly, top-of-line machinery. Since then, it has served me well. Click images for bigness:


One of my favorite features of this system was the dual cassette function which enabled me to make killer mix tapes over the past 17 years. I love mix tapes.

After spending a summer in various cities across the United States, I came back to the corn-hole and, fresh off mindless debauchery and great tunes from the summer, decided to make installment 8 of the Mix Tape Recovery & Give-Away Series.

But ah, all things must come to an end. When I went to set up the recording process, a sad thing happened...nothing. The cassette heads of the RX-DT675 did not move. A part of me died that day.

At the beginning of 2006, for my 29th birthday, brothers Z and J(3) purchased me the Panasonic CD Stereo System (SA-AK330) with M.A.S.H. and BI-AMP technologies. It, as well, has a dual cassette deck component, but I am unsure precisely how to use this particular system; obviously, I will have to figure that shit out. Nonetheless, elements of the RX-DT675 will now live only in memories and be relegated to nostalgia (it still functions as my bedroom, sleepy-time compact disc player).


Johnny Cakes said...

Holy shit! This is historic, really. How many portable stereo systems today run, without problems, for 17 damn years??!! Goodnight, sweet prince.

simon said...

i've been hoping that the mixed tape recovery and give away project would resume. i'm so, very sorry to hear the sad news.

a panasonic cd stereo system for your 29th from the outlaw and jacob a (silent 3)? i only recall talk off a prepaid rub down.