Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The following is an excerpt from the John Keene & Christopher Stackhouse collaboration Seismosis. It tastes good, it has "ghost paths," so buy it. (Sketches by Stackhouse, letters by Keene. Click image for bigness):

"The augured grid: whose traces: these gradient strings replay: an object in field: to store parameters: need or nothing less: in reticule the radiant net: emerges: you object to: rigid, the local gray: paths you drive down: gradually perceive the performance: and all its configurations: displacement from yesterday and ideal: as it settles here: delay settling in, permutations: of line: your plasticity of mind: registers lapping and skipping: through what comes back: crops up: ghost paths: upon a graded field: multiple roads you navigate: as one who tries setting: to know through: invisible creeps in: to you as geometric directives: but I sought that: you say, displacement of grids: I heard as hollows: fields bearing the idea: of incident sound, found: sentiment, of correspondent forms: nearness: what I face: or fear feeling having to: erotics of touch: that much or nothing less: in the net you field: objects instead, replacing hierarchy: with theory of traces: two isomorphic spaces possess: a diverse set of interpreters" (6)

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