Saturday, April 26, 2008

580 Split

Issue 10 of 580 Split is now available. 2 letters I wrote to Ohio, as well as a poem related to those letters are in the journal. Furthermore, there is a whole slew of great writers in this issue, so even if I rank high on your scale of douche-baggery, you should purchase a copy of the journal so as to read them. It will make you a) smarter, b) a better person, & c) give you the magic Skittles touch. How can you beat that? You can't. So buy the damn thing.

I would also suggest heading on over to My Name is Mud to check out a few more of my letters to Ohio. &, in the future, you can find a couple more in issue 4 of the Bat City Review. Reading these letters will remind you why we write letters to states. Writing letters to states can be productive & amusing. Writing letters to states will melt your brain. In a good way. & in a bad way. But, in the end, the good & the bad will negate one another & you will be left exactly where began. Only different.

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