Monday, April 7, 2008 is now up & running. In the site's first stream, Radiohead play a live version of their song "Bangers & Mash," in which you can: 1) see Thome York do his best Phil Selway impression, 2) see Ed O'Brien do his best zombie impression, 3) not see Colin Greenwood (almost), & 4) see one reason why the In Rainbows B-Side album is better than the LP-proper. Following the Radiohead clip, Liars play a session on "Juan's Basement"; the program is a Liars' live-performance (literally, in Juan's basement) interspersed with interview segments. Liars rock hard & are major-league swell. Furthermore, Angus is tall & wears a Nirvana t-shirt. I'm just getting into the Man Man portion; haven't heard too much of them, but my initial thoughts are that the segment, as well as the band, are interesting I suppose (the studio & mustache shots are priceless). Finally, I'm really looking forward to the new M83 video.

UPDATE: Although I don't like his (their?) music, Jay Reatard is funny. He announces song titles before he plays each tune & says stuff like, "Getting your fucking shit off my shit" to fans that get too close to the stage. Also, the M83 song & video sucks; I would be pleased if someone told me it was a joke.

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Johnny Cakes said...

That M83 video is like watching Degrassi Junior High.