Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mix-Tape Recvoery & Give-Away Project #7

MTR&GA7: Lo, it has been some time since the last cassette, but this version should, in some small manner, make up for the neglect in that it is super & super-long. Over an hour & one-half of tastey musical stylings from all your favorite new & older acts. Alternating between "most excellent" lyrical suites & extended-masturbatory instrumental/electronica, this installment runs the gamut of all things goodness. Below, you will find the original cover art (click for bigness) & the track listing. As always, guidelines for acquiring this one-of-a-kind-item can be found here. Enjoy:

Side 7.A:

"Stop Breathin," Pavement
"Silent," The Field
"Heroin," The Velvet Underground
"My Father, My King," Mogwai
"K-Hole," Silver Jews
"Perlence," Autechre
"Knives Out," The Flaming Lips
"Kid A," Radiohead
"Coat Czech," Mucca Pazza (cut)

Side 7.B:

"I'm Not," Panda Bear
"Colours Move," Fuck Buttons
"Motherless Bastard," The Books
"Bugs," Pearl Jam
"Djed," Tortoise
"Tree Bones," Port O'Brien
"Birds" & "Unrecorded," M83
"Chemicals Collide," Cloud Cult
"Ghosts 3.1," Nine Inch Nails

1 comment:

Johnny Cakes said...

I give this mix a TT (Totally Tits) rating. The Field cut is smoother than creamed corn!