Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Too Little Too Late

Well, it appears my romantic overtures directed toward Teela were both ill-timed & ill-conceived. As the below trading card clearly shows, the object of my obsession has taken up with that rascal Orko. I mean, the dude is not even human...Come on! Adding salt to my wounds is the fact that Teela has decided to test her "lasso" on him. I mean, that was supposed to be our special kink (I wonder if Dree Elle knows about this?). How could she do this to me? Oh, my fracture heart, how shall ye ever mend?

Click on the Incriminating Evidence for bigness.


1 comment:

Johnny Cakes said...

I would not jump to conclusions, Big Colorado! Note that Orko's retort is "Uh-oh!" I think you can reel in that tuna.