Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Randomness on the Periphery

1) Given my current status, I am seriously considering the possibility of a relationship with Teela. If you click on her image, you'll notice that she is a) really fit, b) seems to be into role-playing, & c) can wield a sword quite deftly. Which prompts one to ask: "What is holding you back?" Other than the fact that she is a fictional character & my only connection to her is the snazzy sticker to the left, not too much.

2) The Beachwood Sparks LP Once We Were Trees rocks-out in a SoCal-stoner-countryish (ala The Byrds) kind of way that makes for some easy listening. It has been about a year or so since I've listened to this record, but spinning this in sub-zero NE today may be a sign that I enjoy punishing myself. The opening track, "Germination," more or less gives you a feel for the entire set...& how can you not like track 7: "Old Manatee." Years ago, I saw these guys open up for TBC in Columbus, OH. I vaguely remember their act was hampered by sound problems.

3) While Built to Spill's album There is Nothing Wrong with Love certainly is fantastic, I noticed I have a difficult time listening to it & not getting nostalgic...which kind of sucks because a) an LP should stand on its on merits & 2) sometimes the memories that attach themselves to the songs within aren't so great. Oh well, such is life. The first four songs are a tour de force in guitar-driven hipster-rock, culminating in rocker cum melancholia "Car."

4) Here are 2 blogs I like to visit on occasion: 1 & 2.


Johnny Cakes said...

Big props for the proper propers, Warchevski! I must say, while Teela was the sexy strumpet, Evil Lynn was always the brazen hussy!

bobby_f said...

Warchevskigus loves the manatees

Johnny Cakes said...

Looking back, I am surprised that the 1995-2005 Musics List is sans BTS.