Sunday, January 20, 2008

31st Birthday

Its that time again, when Pebbles dons her party hat & looks vacantly across the room at me as I crouch in the fetal position, sobbing uncontrollably & lamenting my wasted youth etc. My 31st year is going to be the one were IT* finally happens. All-in-all, this is a can't-miss kinda wager. Anyway, I did receive some fabulous items from some friends in the mail this week. Always one of my favorites, I was presented with a square of neopolitan space ice cream. Perhaps my favorite treat of all-time, it makes me want to be an astronaut. Also in the mail came a wicked-sweet Dino-Grow set. I'm sure you remember these bad boys if you are anywhere near my age. At first I thought the set was junked, but then realized that if you dunked the capsules in H2O that was slightly off-boil they opened up rather quickly. I've grown 4 of these charming prehistoric animals & believe, according to the back matter, they are Iguanadon, Velociraptor, Dimetrodon, & Ankylosaurus. Obviously, I have a ways to go if I intend to grow everyone of these creatures. But when I finally do, I will have an army of foam monsters (smelling slightly of man batter) ready to dominate the world. As always, click images for bigness:


* I don't have any idea what "IT" refers to, but I just know that "IT" will happen in my 31st year. My only fear being, of course, that since I don't know what "IT" is, "IT" will come & go & I won't have realized.


Anonymous said...

c.f. "The Beast in the Jungle," Henry James.

Johnny Cakes said...

Grow a man with man batter!

simon said...

honeybees and.

it to you.
breaking, i enjoy.

gone and come.
year-end thirty-one.

year thirty-second.
you[']r[e] it, embrace.