Monday, January 21, 2008

From Mythologies by Roland Barthes:

"Every object in the world can pass from a closed, silent existence to an oral state, open to appropriation by society, for there is no law, whether natural, which forbids talking about things...some objects become the prey of mythical speech for a while, then they disappear, others take their place and attain the status of can conceive of very ancient myths, but there are no eternal ones..myth is a type of speech chosen by history: it cannot possibly evolve from the 'nature' of things...Mythical speech is made of a material which has already been worked on so as to make it suitable for, to be sure, are more imperative than writing, they impose meaning at one stroke, without analysing or diluting it. But this is no longer a constitutive difference. Pictures become a kind of writing as soon as they are meaningful." (109-10)

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