Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Irreducible Logic of Absurdity

"The Alphabet" was removed from Youtube, presumably by DL &/or his lawyers/management, so the clip immediately beneath this post is no longer functioning. In an effort to compensate for such an unfortunate set of circumstances, I have transcribed random banter emanating from a set of vintage transistor radios & created a collage:

The Astros are in Milwaukee & I found this incredible opportunity & results will vary. It's almost magical. No more wait & I had them hanging out on the line.

We're going to start with the easy one's first. My perceptions of what that's all about have become the staples of my life. I just woke up one morning & it felt like the thing to do.

Boy, do we have a bunch of people. Now how did you get selected? All right, a friend of mine was on a show 25 years ago. No, I didn't do that. So, you have to show a lot of personality. Okay, do you use your real name? Okay.

Can I borrow a couple hundred grand? & instead, what has happened to the guy? Same day, a devil-may-care attitude is slow in the investigative field. Radio rodeo, of course, back when I was convalescing from welfare. He sings the score to West Side story.

Then, I will erase every 4th word & re-arrange what’s left into discrete, syntactical units of my choosing:

The Astros are a devil-may-care attitude, & Milwaukee & I have this incredible opportunity. Convalescing from personality, radio almost felt like people. Magical. No, wait. Of the results I investigative, all start to vary in the morning. We will hang them & borrow of your name. What about mine? Perceptions of life woke to welfare back when I was 25. A guy staples one easy story to the show, instead of a rodeo. & I just happened to sing the first line of the day. Okay, so you use a couple grand, okay? Now, all right, did you get it? We score with one side of that same can. No, I do have out West a boy.

& into the garbage:

ing er s ago do has is s.

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