Thursday, April 12, 2007

For Vanishing Binaries

To those of you who have partners that went missing, below is a wonderful little video clip that you may write about. WARNING: This video contains fake blood, the English Alphabet, & collage/animated representations that slightly resemble genitalia. If you find these elements unsuitable, I will post something else.


Jordan Lopez said...

I am not sure exactly what to say about this YouTube clip. If somebody could have taken a picture of what my face looked like when I watched it, there would most definitely not be a thousand words to say about it, let alone a small handful of words that could really describe my uncomfortable experience of being an audience member to such a medium.

From its very beginning, the visual asthetics were very upfronting and confusing. I found it difficult to follow what was going on for the first two and half minutes because I was struggling to understand the obnoxious sounds while at the same time, piece together morbid images that seemed wholly uncorrelated. Even after watching this video three painful times, I still am not sure what the message of it is.

There were some obvious artistic tidbits that seemed very intentional. The black and white images scattered with hints of red every once in awhile seemed to be screaming a message to the audience, but I struggle to hear it. To be honest, the last sequence, with the girl in the bed reciting the alphabet and then spewing blood, reminded me of something one might see in a horror film gone wrong, like White Noise or The Ring.

I do want to make my experience clear with the film, because I am sure it seems that I am just being negative and not open to the artistic value of a video like this. True, my first time watching I was mortified and disturbed. In the back of my mind I wondered if I would have bad dreams. After I regrouped, I watched it for a second time, determined to be open-minded and try to pick up on more of the subtle images. I found myself again, too overwhelmed with the aberrant images to find the small subtleties. The third time mirrored the first two times.

Fu said...

Hmm I watched this video in like 2 in the morning in my dark dark room, and this video is extremely creepy. If they made a movie about English horror this is my monation, it is like one of the scariest/wierdest video out there pretty sweet.

Martha E. Altman said...

Wow, I simply am at a loss for words as to the "meaning" of this particular clip. I watched it in full a few times, as well as watching it with the sound muted, and still couldn’t find any significant meaning to this video. It makes absolutely no sense.

I’ve learned throughout life, as well as in my Fine Arts class here at UCD, that everything is art. We certainly don’t have to like or even appreciate the particular piece, but it is indeed art. I certainly would like to know what made the author/artist of this video think that it had, or has, any artistic value. The ungodly music that accompanies this video is jarring and disconcerting, to say the least, and it’s more than a bit difficult to follow along with the video. The images incorporated into this video are creepy and disturbing. There is some similarity with “The Exorcist” toward the end of the movie, however when the credits thankfully came, I almost wasn’t surprised to see that David Lynch wrote and directed this particular video.

I recall watching his television show “Twin Peaks” in the early 1990’s, and only managed to watch a few shows before I had to simply find something else to watch. While Mr. Lynch may indeed have a vivid imagination and be a creative genius, but I simply cannot follow or enjoy his methods. His plot lines tend to be convoluted, making it incredibly difficult to follow the storyline. This is also the case with this particular YouTube video clip.

Thankfully, I was able to get through watching the video a fourth time, and certainly will NOT be watching it again anytime soon!