Monday, February 16, 2009

Eat Your Type-setting

Although by no means a 1:1 correspondence, Wyndham Lewis, Erza Pound, et al's Blast 1 contains many co-articulations of-with Deleuze and Deleuze-Guattari:

"We do not want to change the appearance of the world, because we are not Naturalists, Impressionists or Futurists (the latest form of Impressionism), and do not depend on the appearance of the world for our art.

WE ONLY WANT THE WORLD TO LIVE, and to feel it's crude energy flowing through us."

"To make the rich of the community shed their education skin, to destroy politeness, standardization and academic, that is civilized, vision, is the task we have set ourselves."

"Just as we believe that an Art must be organic with its Time,
So we insist that what is actual and vital for the South, is ineffectual and unactual in the North."

It is Chaos invading Concept and bursting it like nitrogen."

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