Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy 32nd Birthday

Dear, JW: Well, to everyone's surprise, you've lived this long. Congratulations! We all thought you'd be dead by now, so you've sure "showed us up," if you will. As the image to the right clearly demonstrates (click for bigness), you appear to have had a lot of "fun" over the weekend, so I hope you don't go out and get too crazy this evening. You're not 22 anymore, dick-weed. Nonetheless, I know that you are a bit down-trodden that most of the planet has found something more interesting than your birthday to celebrate today, but fear not: there is always next year [fingers crossed]. Take care. Your pal, JW.

PS: It's not like nobody was thinking of you. Animal Collective released their new album on compact disc today. I'm sure they were thinking of you.


Brooklyn said...

Happy Birthday to you! According to your birth date:

"You should embrace: Versatility, curiosity, adventure

You should avoid: Routine, defeatism, judgmental people"

Boldface the adventure and the defeatism. I bet you make it to 42, no problem. :)

Future Man said...

Nice!!! Hold on, you mean Mr. Change didn't invite you to his party??

The Print Shop said...

Hey C. Oberst, get over yourself.

Warchevski said...

O, Print Shop, we all know that you were the one with the hetero-sexual man-crush on C.O. No reason to project upon others...we still love you.