Saturday, December 6, 2008

Musics and Whatnot

The end of the semester is always a good time to freak-out over excessive work-loads that have piled up due to self-imposed procrastination. In order to assuage the aforementioned freaking-out, its always wise to spend money you don't have to purchase things that you may or may not actually need. Below are three LPs that I have recently purchased as attenuating-consumer goods that are also great listens. Click on images for reviews:



Johnny Cakes said...

With the heavy Deleuze you've been droppin' on the blog, it is good to see you've got DJ Shadow and Tobacco sound-tracking the (in)sanity!

simon said...

i have yet to find the proper soundtrack for the stomach-and-heart-together-in-my-throat feeling that's accompanying my paper writing madness. the shot of tequila seemed to help though.