Tuesday, December 9, 2008


My first foray into digital downloads, via iTunes (Yes, its taken me this long.), occurred two days ago when I purchased Kanye West's new LP 808s and Heartbreak. While I enjoyed the album, I'm not the biggest fan of the iTunes store. Particularly because, as a new user, I thought I would receive more prompts as to the specifics of my purchase. Not the case. My download ended up be 128kbps and it appears I have no recourse to a higher bite-rate without re-purchasing the LP. Kind of bullshit. In the past, when buying Saul Williams' Niggy Tardust, NIN's Ghosts and The Slip, or various Cloud Cult discs, I was always provided the bite-rate opitions upfront. And none of them included 128kbps. Lame.

The album itself is all right in general, quite solid for a pop record. While radio hits "Heartless" and "Love Lockdown" are both winners, I was impressed with the opening song "Say You Will": certainly not your standard pop fare...you certainly won't be hearing that one on the radio or MTV. As for the AutoTune, I like it. Kanye is like a magical R&B robot from the future getting his 80s groove on.

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Johnny Cakes said...

Very funny. Never thought you'd go digital, McSweeney. I have not yet bought an records at the iTunes shopping. My main obstacle is that Macs have shit-sticks in the way of internal speakers. So hearing anything on my computer sounds like listening to a conch shell. Until I figure on a better solution, I will continue to ruin the environment with my use of vinyl and plastic.