Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Call for Submissions

If you have books or magazines that contain photographs or realistic (or unrealistic) renderings of a) flowers, b) brownscapes (i.e. urbanscapes or indutrial zones), c) 20s-70s starlets, d) pre-Apollo Hollywood robots, or e) anything involving squirrels, please mail them to me at:

J. Warchevski
810 South 11th Street, #2
Lincoln, NE 68508

For your troubles, I will mail you back a handmade collage using part, but certainly not all, of the material you sent me. (For extras World Wild Web hits, I'm more than gilding the lily in the "Labels" section. Look below. Although, on second thought, I'm not sure that I want people who are searching for those key terms to be sending me anything. Okay, here is a caveat: if you came to (or on) this page searching for any of the below terms, don't send me anything (making the below labels, of course, totally superfluous.))

1 comment:

Johnny Cakes said...

What about pictures of Rad Dudes reading monster manuals?