Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not a Terror Suspect

I applied for my passport last Friday, and to my surprise, I received it yesterday. After hearing about other people's horror stories and delays, I wasn't expecting to receive mine in less than a week. Furthermore, I would also assume, since I was granted a passport, that I am not on any sort of terror watch list. That's a good thing.

On December 15th, I will fly out of Denver (with Catfish), and sometime on the 16th, land in Madrid. While the specifics have not been hammered out, it looks as if we will do Madrid, Barcelona, head down the coast and cross over into Morocco, then back up to Lisbon, and, finally, return to Madrid for our flight home on the 29th. It should be a swell time, and the fun will only be enhanced by the fact that we have decided to grow mustaches for the trip. Nice.


Johnny Cakes said...

C'mon, let us see the photo!!!!! Plus, the Morocco add-on is T-I-G-H-T!!!!! Do call M. Shenck whilst there.

James said...

I have to say the linked Catfish was a stunning display of wit and common man's stupidity.

By the way, I had my physical and I am actually a half inch shorter than I was 2 years ago.

simon said...

you're taking vacations from yourselves while on vacation?


did you save up your unemployment checks or is duckets mcgee paying your way?

Warchevski said...

I have federal student loans to thank for my over-seas adventures. Hopefully, the government will appreciate the fact that I will be taking a vacation from myself while vacationing on their dime (sort of).