Saturday, August 30, 2008

Watercolors: Potocnik, Frank

My grandfather on my mother's side was a cartographer and commercial designer by trade, but worked with watercolors outside his consumer-culture endeavors. I spent a little time in Cleveland, OH this summer; while I was there, my mom let me take a couple of his works.

The below painting from 1942 appears to be representative of several other works of his that my mother still owns. Predominantly created with shades of gray, black, and blue, the images were first sketched during my grandfather's tour of duty in Europe during WWII. (I saturated the images a bit for easier viewing. As always click on images for bigness.):


The second set of images are from another watercolor, dated 1938. A lone train, in what appears to be a desolate plain. I don't know much more about the origins of the painting:


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Johnny Cakes said...

Painting No.2 (ca.1938) was Frank's engagement present to Grandma Lu. He did not have money to get her anything, so he gave her this painting. Also, he hung around some of the train yards for inspiration, and some of the transients called him Boxcar Frank (a play on the character Boxcar Willie.)