Friday, August 29, 2008

New American Writing 26

I received the most recent issue of New American Writing (26) in the mail today. Its rather nice to see my name in print along side a stable of really amazing writers. I've had a chance to read through some of the material, and its tasty to be sure. While NAW's website has not yet been updated with the new issue, I'm sure it soon will. At that point, you should purchase it; or steal a copy from your local, independent bookstore.

In addition to two sections of my longer work, entitled "A Language Like" (You can also read a section in the New Orleans Review, 33.2--whose website has also not been updated), some other hooligans found within are Keith and Rosmaire Waldrop, Donald Revell, Karen Volkman, Ron Padgett, Noah Eli Gordon, Joseph Lease, G.C. Waldrep, Anne Heide, and Karla Kelsey. The list goes on, this is only a smattering of the goodness.

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Johnny Cakes said...

You fancy contributors must have received advance copies, 'cause us common folk cannot seem to purchase this quite yet!