Thursday, July 24, 2008

Excerpts from a Crazy SOB

From Jacques Derrida's "Signature, Event, Context":

"Given the structure of iteration, the intention which animates utterance will never be completely present in itself and its content...Differance [is] the irreducible abscence of intention or assistance from the performative statement...

I will not conclude from this that there is no relative specificity of the effects of consciousness, of the effects of speech, that there is no effect of the performative, no effect of ordinary language, no effect of presence and of speech acts. It is simply that these effects do not exclude what is generally opposed to them term by term, but on the contrary presuppose it in dyssemtrical fashion, as the general space of their possiblity.

This general space is first of all spacing as the disruption of presence in the mark, what here I am calling writing...

Deconstruction cannot limit itself or proceed immediately to a neutralization: it must, by means of a double gesture, a double science, a double writing, practice an overturning of the classical opposition and a general displacement of the system. It is only on this condition that deconstruction will provide itself the means with which to intervene in the field of oppositions that it criticizes, which is also a field of nondiscursive forces. Each concept moreover, belongs to a systematic chain, and itself constitutes a system of predicates. There is no metaphysical concept in an of itself. There is a work--metaphysical or not--on conceptual systems. Deconstruction does not consist in passing from one concept to another, but in overturning and displacing a conceptual order, as well as the nonconceptual order with which the conceptual order is articulated"

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