Thursday, May 15, 2008

Strawberry Lemonade

If you visit the on-line journal Lamination Colony & check out their submission guidelines, you will find the following request: "ALSO: we're currently desperate for a story involving a woman douching with strawberry lemonade. You can do it." Even though they say these guidelines are provided with "tongue in cheek," I thought the whole strawberry-lemonade-douching bit was interesting, so I made the below collage-diagram. I did not submit this work to them because a) it would most likely get rejected & b) strawberry lemonade douches should not be kept in cages, so I fed it 3 sardines & set it free on the world wide web. Click image for bigness:


Johnny Cakes said...

I only douche with Robatussin.

Also, I bought my friend a small cactus this week. She asked me what to name it. Mordicai.

simon said...

"go, mordecai!"