Sunday, May 4, 2008

From the Vault

OK Computer: One might listen to Radiohead's newest LP, In Rainbows, & forget how the band became so big. I certainly did. In order to refresh my memory, I returned to their back catalog. OK is so fantastic that I've been playing it at least once day for the past few weeks; this is to say nothing about my nightly Meeting People is Easy fetish. "Paranoid Android" is multi-movement Gregorian-thrash from outer-space, "Exit Music (For a Film)" might turn you into a despondent micro-processor with a penchant for Romeo & Juliet double-suicide-type-stuff, & "Lucky" will slowly burn everything that will burn.

Let it come down: While by no means getting the rotation time that OK receives, this 2001 Spiritualized gem is a perfect soundtrack to a gorgeous Sunday morning in May, particularly "Do it all over again," "The straight and the narrow," & "Stop your crying." Who would ever have thought a junkie could create a trifecta infused so much hope & splendor? No wonder critics dubbed this J Spaceman's "recovery" album. If the sun is shining where you live today, pop this LP into your portable compact disc player, throw on the headphones, turn the volume up to 11, & go for a long walk. Not only will you be cosmically connected with me (in that I will be doing the same thing), but it will erase the memory of that which was Amazing Grace & get you all squirrelly over the possibilities of Songs in A&E.

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Johnny Cakes said...

Nice choices! Speaking of Spaceman, I am totally digging his soundtrack colab with Sun City Girls for Harmony Korine's new film Mister Lonely.