Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break II

My Morning Jacket recently played at the SXSW festival & debuted a whole slew of new material from their forthcoming LP, Evil Urges. The fine peoples at NPR taped the damn thing & are currently streaming the concert in its entirty. You can listen to the tastiness by clicking right about here. In addition to playing heavily from EU, they also tap quite a bit into Z. I would listen to this because you, like me, have nothing better to do during Spring Breakout 2008.


Johnny Cakes said...

As an added music note, Portishead posted their new single Machine Gun on their MySpace page. Interesting beat; a faux machine gun, no less.

Johnny Cakes said...

Another musical note: I believe The Essence of Foxes was one of the first places I ever saw a posting of Chocolate Rain. Nearly one year later, the world comes around too: