Saturday, February 16, 2008

Trussed up in Tuxedos

Whenever I dip into the archives & listen to Kid A, I am always surprised (you think I would have learned by now) to find an insert between the back of the jewel case & the holding plate for the actual CD-artifact. The brilliant little insert is a 10-page ode to paranoia & Dada collage. Especially tasty is the fact that Radiohead re-produces lyrics from the (at the time unreleased) Amnesiac: "So knives out, catch da mouse, squash his head, put him in a pot." & how can you beat little bears running amuck with military-strength firearms, spermies raining down from a gutter drainpipe, & one of the aforementioned bears severed head upon a plate ready to be eaten (ONLY $50 a piece!). Click on image for bigness of 1st page.

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