Thursday, February 28, 2008

Miscellanious Information

1) Her back left leg, quite literally, is at the point falling off & she doesn't seem all that comfortable, but Pebbles still has the ability to rock the cute-factor more or less pretty hard. Click on image for bigness of her mug.

2) Rather quickly, I am reminded how stupid programming makes me feel. Not that certain people (myself sometimes included) don't already think I'm slow, but after an evening of Ruby programming I feel as though I've regressed to my 7th grade intellect.


simon said...

1.* you have an extremely cute bitch. mention of her leg falling off led to immediate waterworks. maybe she would be more comfortable on one of those wheelchairs like that dog at cheesman.

2. the curtains are a nice touch, very homey. jacob must be proud, unless it was actually him who put them up.

3. i was using arduino this past fall. it was a simple loop program that i wrote, making leds blink on and off based on a set of rules associated with a tic-tac-toe game.

* if you need anything, let me know.

Johnny Cakes said...

i'm with Simon. is there anything you need for Pebbles? like a VET APPOINTMENT? seriously. anything to make her more comfortable. she is important!

Warchevski said...

I borrowed a friend's car this morning & dropped her off at the vet. She was being sedated & about to get X-rays last I heard.

Johnny Cakes said...

Keep yo' head up Spotted Dick!

The Print Shop said...

Keep on..keep truckin'