Friday, February 22, 2008

"An Irrevocable & Tragic Fall into Despair"

The postmodern world, or better yet, the neocolonial world enacts a "transmutation of economic, political, cultural, & psychic formations, under the influence of unprecedented forms of global exchange" (Jameson 89) that culminates in the creation of an all-new "dominant cultural logic or hegemonic norm" (55). I thought that by not watching television for a few years, I could create a space in which I could escape a great deal of the dominant, globalizing consciousness that permeates mass media. In retrospect, that assumption seems rather foolish. As the diagram to the left demonstrates (click images for bigness), computers feed upon invisible morsels sent out by modems. Modems, in turn, are supplied with aforementioned invisible morsels by an intimate & intravenous, old-world connection (i.e. cables & shit) with television sets. I have been digested by fiber-optic bandwidth.

Jameson, Frederic. "Postmodernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism." New Left Review 146 (1984): 53-92.

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