Thursday, February 14, 2008

Email from an Actor

The following text came from an email sent to me by my brother. A master thespian, no role is too small for him to make others uncomfortable. (Click image for bigness):

"That is me [see image] when I was in the children's show Babes in Toyland. While everyone else played their characters surface-level, I kept true to my craft and molded a dark Bret Easton Ellis-esque character with a great deal of complexity; therefore causing quite a stir among the parents and teachers. My performance was dubbed 'controversial' and 'extremely inappropriate' for the 6-7 years who made up about 95% of audiences."

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Johnny Cakes said...

This COULD be the finest, shining moment of INTERPOL. There is rumor (yet no confirmed photo) of him in an HIV-awareness ensemble portraying a Wizard-of-OZ 'Tin Man' who shoots baby-batter from his spout.