Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Politicians are not Poets

Excerpted from "Doubt" in Fanny Howe's Gone:

"While a whole change in discourse is a sign of conversion, the alteration of a single word only signals a kind of doubt about the value of the surrounding words./ Poets tend to hover over words in this troubled state of mind./ What holds them poised in this position is the occasional eruption of happiness.//While we would all like to know if the individual person is a phenomenon either culturally or spiritually conceived and why everyone doesn't kill everyone else, including themselves, since they can--poets act out the problem with their words." (23)

"And now is the moment where doubt--as an active function--emerges and magnifies the world. It eliminates memory. And it turns eyesight so far outwards, the vision expands. A person feels as if she is the figure inside a mirror, looking outwards for her moves. She is a forgery." (25)

"Yet strangely it is in this moment that doubt shows itself to be the physical double to belief; it is quality that nourishes willpower, and the one that is the invisible engine behind every step taken./ Doubt is what allows a single gesture to have a heart." (25)

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