Friday, December 14, 2007

One of Her Babies

During the winter of 2002-3, Pebbles was indirectly presented with her Abominable Snowman baby. Now covered in a thick layer of grime & dog saliva, a hole chewed through its skull with tufts of stuffing billowing forth, this plush-toy certainly has seen better days. For reasons unknown to me, Pebbles has taken up the habit of pissing on & around the door mat area of my apartment this week (rather worrisome, as she has never done this before). This morning she let loose, & to his chagrin, A.S. got sprayed. I considered throwing him away, in fact I took him all the way to the dumpster...but then thought better of it. Those are memories that you can never get back, all wrapped up in a dirt, spit, & urine-stained artifact. Foul.

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