Monday, November 12, 2007

Triptych: 3 Studies for a Self-Portrait

From Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation: "If we move on to the other term, the Figure, we now find ourselves before flows of color, in the form of broken tones. Or rather, the broken tones constitute the flesh of the Figures. As such, they are opposed to the tone that is perhaps the 'same,' but vivid, pure, or complete; thickened, it is opposed to the flatness of the field; finally, it is polychromatic. When the flow of colors is polychromatic, blues & reds often dominate, which are precisely the dominant tones of meat. Yet they not only appear in meat,but even more so in the bodies & heads of the portraits...the flow loses the all-to-easily tragic & figurative order to assume a series of dynamic figural is the affinity of the body or the flesh with meat that explains the treatment of the Figure through broken tones" (Deleuze 120).

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