Monday, November 5, 2007

Triptych: 3 Studies of the Male Back (1970)

From Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation: "The wave flows through the body; at a certain level, an organ will be determined depending on the force it encounters; & this organ will change if the force itself changes, or if it moves to another level. In short, the body without organs is not defined by the absence of organs, nor is it defined solely by the existence of an indeterminate organ; it is finally defined by the temporary & provisional presence of determinate organs. This is one way of introducing time into the painting, & there is a great force of time in Bacon; time itself is being painted. The variation of texture & color on a body, a head, or a back is actually a temporal variation regulated down to the tenth of a second. Hence the chromatic treatment of the fields of color: the chronochromatism of the body is opposed to the monochromatism of the flat fields. To put time inside the Figure--this is the force of bodies in Bacon" (Delezue 42). Click image for bigness.

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