Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Everything has become simulacrum, or, He becomes his admirers

From Gilles Deleuze's Difference & Repetition: "[Eternal return] swallows up or destroys every ground which would function as an instance responsible for the difference between the original & the derived, between things & simulacra. It makes us party to a universal ungrounding. By 'ungrounding' we should understand the freedom of the non-mediated ground, the discovery of a ground behind every other ground, the relation between the groundless & the ungrounded, the immediate reflection of the formless & the superior form which constitutes the eternal return. Every thing, animal or being assumes the status of simulacrum; so that the thinker of enternal return--who indeed refuses to be drawn out of the cave, finding instead another cave beyond, always another in which to hide--can rightly say that he is himself burdened with superior form of everything" (67).

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