Sunday, June 3, 2007

30 Consecutive Days of Blogging (XXIV)

This morning, I climbed Mt. Sherman with a couple friends. Generally considered the easiest 14ers in Colorado, the ascent happened to be particularly difficult due to the fact that the trail was snowed over. This same fact made for a fun descent though, as we used our backpacks as make-shift sleds & slid down a large portion of the mountain face. While at the summit, I read aloud the excerpt of Srikanth Reddy's poem "Voyager" published in The Canary 6 (See previous post). A few lines in the poem were quite apropos for the occasion: "The world is the largest picture in the world.// One.// Of the individual only a number remain." As well as: "The nature of systems is now becoming clear.// Approach the tide.// Shall oblivion flourish?// It may// The world is a world.// Constraints on the self end in faith." & finally: "There is nothing in victory.// The silent alone lie united." His work can be found on-line at Octopus & Jacket.

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Anonymous said...

Quite sumptuous! I like the idea of a prounoucement upon summit.